The Majority World

The Majority World

December 27, 2013 Belay Global Blog Business Development 0

Our friends and supporters ask us: what area of the world do you plan to focus on in the years ahead? Frequently, we respond that we work in the world’s most challenging places, but the question remains: what part of the globe do we serve?

Well, the term "Third World" was used during the Cold War – and for decades after – to define countries that were neither NATO-aligned or part of the Communist bloc. Over time, Third World became a stereotype for undeveloped countries. The other phrases folks started using were not much better: "Global South" really didn’t cover the countries of the Middle East or the former Soviet republics and "Developing Countries" seemed a bit demeaning, like they really hadn’t "made it" like the Western countries.

We like "Majority World". It still refers to countries that are lower on the United Nation’s Human Development Index, but is a more positive phrase as it indicates that this part of the world is where the majority of people live and where the majority of Business Development opportunities exist.

So, if you ask us: where do you work? Then, we will likely say something like:

We help those living and serving in the most challenging places of the Majority World.

Stay tuned for more details on this exciting new venture and how you might help!

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