The Goal of Transformation

The Goal of Transformation

January 5, 2014 Belay Global Blog Business Development Scott Runzo Transformational Development Projects 0

When our team came together and established Belay Global I was amazed at the years of overseas experience we had.  Put all of our service time together and we have over 40 years of serving those in some of the toughest areas in the world.  Some of us live overseas, some of used to but now we don’t, what we do have in common is a passion to serve those working in the most challenging places in the world.  Belay Global is about transformation. 

It’s all about Transformational Development Projects (TDP for short). Typically the phrase Transformational Community Development is used exclusively to describe a program that changes a village or community. Belay Global expands the term for broader use. Transformation comes in many forms, through small animal projects, business projects, vocational training projects to spiritual development -- what these all have in common is the end goal: transformation.  And what it takes to get to the end goal is partnerships, hard work and planning education and teamwork.

Belay Global wants to see individuals, families and communities changed for the greater good of all parties involved.  Like TCD,  Belay Global's TDPs address five key areas: water, food, wellness, income and education.  When an individual or community identifies these key areas as a priority, then the process of transformation begins.  To make all this happen, it takes a team of individuals working together from all walks of life.  From the person working on the front lines, to the person working his day-to-day job, all are needed to see real change happen in the most challenging parts of the world.

Belay Global uses this philosophy to reach the end goal of transformation. We work with professional talent from North America and leverage their skills and expertise to strengthen these projects.  This is where our 40 years of combined experience has lead us: to a greater and more expanded view on how we can help those who struggle everyday to make it.  We are all called to something, and Belay Global is called to transformation no matter the location: anywhere in the world, and for whoever is struggling.  To abolish pain in suffering, it will take all of us.  Being a part of the solution is more than thinking about “how I wish I could make a difference.” It’s about knowing what you're good at right now that will create change. 

Scott Runzo 
Executive Director

Harnessing Business Development to Fight Poverty

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