In order to maximize impact, Belay focuses on three types of projects:  Business As Mission (BAM), Transformational Development, and Training.

The goal of Belay Global's Business As Mission (BAM) is to create for-profit businesses that will have a major impact on a community, empowering and equipping the local population with the skills and education they need to carry the business on into the future. TDPs create new income streams and businesses that sustain life, add value to a community, create jobs, and can lower the cost of living for local residents. 

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Growth in a local economy boosts all of the residents, and the end result is a community with better access to food, water, education, and wellness, all without feeling like they were handed something from the West. TDP is charity with dignity. Nobody feels pitied because they are a part of a successful business or project that brings greater wellness to their community. These are projects that people can be proud to be a part of creating and sustaining. 

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Belay currently offers a 7-week training program to women ages 18-25.  The goal of this training class is to prepare these young women for the real world. In-class training includes 160 hours of education in the areas of: Personal Development, Interpersonal Communication, Work Habits and Conduct, Leadership, Safety and Heath at Work, HIV/AIDS and Gender-based Violence Awareness, Worker and Employer Rights and Responsibilities, Financial Fitness and Creating Entrepreneurs Training. During this time, they will not only gain work readiness skills, but will have the opportunity to develop a business plan and execute their plan with a small investment.

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