Business As Mission

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When most people think of the work of charities around the world, they recall giveaway programs that have short-term impact. When we talk about Belay Global projects, we mean long-term transformation for communities. 

The goal of Belay Global is to create for-profit businesses based on Biblical principles in ready nations . Such projects empower and equip the local population with the skills and education needed to provide dignified employment through sustainable businesses. These projects create new income streams and businesses that sustain life, add value to the community, create jobs, and often lower the cost of living for local residents. 

Growth in a local economy helps all residents, providing better access to food, water, education, and wellness, all without feeling like they were handed something from western charities.  People are given dignity because they are a part of a successful business or project which allows the local community to flourish. As a result, local people are proud to be a part of creating and sustaining these business projects.

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Learn more about how Belay assisted one local entrepreneur in building a sustainable business plan for a chicken farm. Continue Reading…

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Belay connected Gilbert, president of a coffee co-op in Goma, DRC with a coffee buyer in Rwanda. Continue Reading…

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Belay helped Greg of Amahoro Tours refine his product and business into what it is today. Continue Reading…

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Belay Global Professional Group

The group of men and women of the Belay Global Professional Group (BGPG) experience life change through service and fellowship together. BGPG members come from varied backgrounds and life experiences and include such professions as doctors, teachers, engineers, CEOs, accountants and many other occupations.

So, the bottom line is: “Do you want to fish or golf your days away, or make a difference in the world?”

The BGPG uses its influence, expertise and lifelong learning to assist projects that have passed Belay Global’s evaluation process. Being a part of the BGPG means you share the vision of the work and are available to get involved.

Learn more about the Belay Global Professional Group.

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