Belay Global Professional Group

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 The group of men and women of the Belay Global Professional Group (BGPG) experience life change through service and fellowship together. BGPG members come from varied backgrounds and life experiences and include such professions as doctors, teachers, engineers, CEOs, accountants and many other occupations.

So, the bottom line is: “Do you want to fish or golf your days away, or make a difference in the world?”

The BGPG uses its influence, expertise and lifelong learning to assist projects that have passed Belay Global’s evaluation process. Being a part of the BGPG means you share the vision of the work and are available to get involved.

The BGPG is a group of men and women committed to providing people with hope and opportunity.

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  • Use expertise and experience to launch and sustain strategic projects.
  • Promote employment and engage others with the same interest.
  • Influence others to make a difference in the world.

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Teta Isibo, Owner
Inzuki Designs
Chad Bannick, Co-Owner
Muraho Technology
Jeanne Nzeyimana, Owner
Magda Cafe
Eva Gara, Owner
The Point Business Centre
Gloria Uwizera, Owner
Fina Uwineza, Owner
Flamingo Chinese Restaurant
Colombe Ndutiye, Owner
Mary Gasana, Owner
JEM Trading
Abraham Konga, Owner
Isimbi Designs
Hope Mbabazi, Owner
Zuba Trading
Jeanne Mwirirriza, Owner
Innocent Nkurunziza, Co-Owner
Emmanuel Nkuranga, Co-Owner
Inema Art Center
Grace Umulisa, Owner
Sabana Safaris
Betty Murego, Owner
Woodlands Supermarket

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As a female who started her own business at a considerably young age, I was lucky enough to have mentors. It is therefore important to me to give back, inspire, motivate and advise other young women starting out in their own careers because I have been there myself. 

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