Our Vision

In mountaineering, to belay is to secure or safeguard a rope for a climber.

Belay Global transforms ready nations by infusing entrepreneurship with faith.

Belay Global’s mission is to identify people and projects that have potential for economic success and life change. Through faith-based training, mentoring, and entrepreneurship development. Belay builds communities of like-minded individuals that energize ready nations through training and business development. By investing in entrepreneurs we have the ability to increase human capacity, create jobs, and change nations.

Stories from the Field

Learn how local entrepreneurs - with the help of Belay Global - are leading their communities out of a world of poverty.

Our lives improved 90% after we started the chicken farm. We were now able to eat at night, my wife did not have to dig in the fields anymore, and we could pay all of the school fees for our four children.

Ndabarinze Jean Marie Vianney

Owner, JMV Chickens

Get Involved

Experience the work and mission of Belay Global with your own eyes!

It only took one short-term missions trip with Belay Global to carve such a life changing experience in me. Working with local communities in northern Rwanda has taken me down a life-long path of fighting poverty and serving those in underdeveloped societies.

Kelsey Crain

University Student