The Women

We honor our women’s rights and have asked for permission to show their faces.


Many cannot read, some cannot write. We found an Adult Literacy training, which will cost us about $45 per woman per month. Our goal is for all 11 DuHope women to pass the Adult Literacy training by August 2020.

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We have brought in trauma specialists to train our staff and our DuHope  women, but for those specialist to continue working with our women after training, it will cost $45 per woman per month for 12 months of follow up.

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These women are now skilled at  jewelry making, however, additional vocational training requires about $31 per woman per month to take the DuHope women past a basic level of sewing. By July of 2020, we plan to have sewing products the women can produce at a proficient level. 

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It requires  $31 per woman per month to gain a stronger understanding of budgeting, savings, and nutrition. The DuHope women are saving a portion of their monthly jewelry production income and because of this training, are making plans for side businesses to increase their wages by 2020.

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