Who does Belay Global help?

Belay Global connects North American professionals to assist local entrepreneurs in the Global South to create  jobs by launching for-profit businesses.  

Why does Belay Global seek to create jobs?

 Most communities and families benefit in the following ways through job creation: 

  • Water – enough clean water for drinking, cooking and handwashing

  • Food – sufficient nutritious food to mitigate chronic hunger and malnutrition

  • Wellness – demonstration and training in sanitation, hygiene and disease-prevention

  • Shelter – assisting families in securing safe and stable homes

  • Income – startup resources for dignified and sustainable family income generation

  • Education – access to primary level education for every girl and boy

What is Business as Mission (BAM)?

Business as Mission projects empower local entrepreneurs to create sustainable business enterprises that provide jobs in their local communities.

What is the Belay Global Professional Group?

The Belay Global Professional Group (BGPG) is comprised of professionals from all walks of life who have spent years successfully serving in their occupations.  Our BGPG members come alongside local entrepreneurs and use their time, expertise and resources to help transform lives and communities around the world.  Visit the Belay Global Professional Group section to learn more. 

What is the Business for Mission Network (B4M)?

The Business for Mission Network (B4M) is comprised of businesses that provide expertise and growth capital to Belay Global projects in order to create sustainable businesses in some of the most challenging places in the world. Visit the Business for Mission Network section to learn more.

How can I get involved?

Use your professional skills and be a part of a project that is in progress or development. Connect your group or organization with a project. Make a donation that transforms lives. Share Belay Global with your friends. Visit the Get Involved section to learn more.

How can my company get involved with Belay Global?

A company seeking a global impact can join the Business for Mission network and engage its employees and resources to launch a variety of projects. Visit the Get Involved section to learn more.

Does Belay Global take individuals and groups on trips?

Yes we do! We build relationships with like-minded individuals and groups who want to see real change globally. Visit the Get Involved section to learn more.

What is the impact from Belay Global funding?

If you, or your company, church, or other group provides funding, you will provide jobs that help bring water, food, education, wellness, shelter, and income to those living in the most challenging places in the world. We will keep you up-to-date on the change your generosity makes possible. Visit the Donate section to learn more.

Belay Global talks a lot about business development. What does this mean?

Belay Global believes that real-life change happens not through handouts but jobs.  In many areas we work, the number one social need is dignified employment. 

Will Belay Global come to my country/village/city?

Belay Global currently works with those serving in Eastern Africa but we would love to hear about your project in another area of the world if it helps create local jobs.

What type of organizations does Belay Global work with?

Belay Global works with any group who wants to make a difference in the most challenging parts of the world. So, we work with churches, businesses, NGOs and nonprofits who share the Belay Global vision and mission.