Come and Serve

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Women in Business Trip

Dukorane means “Working Together” in Kinyarwanda. This vision trip is for women who want to meet our young entrepreneurs. You will get to experience a little taste of Rwandan culture and meet some great young women who are making big impacts in their communities.

20 – 26 July 2018

Trip cost: $1,650, plus airfare. Roughly $3,000 total trip.

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Artisan Trip

Any designers or soap makers who want to come to Rwanda?

We are inviting jewelry designers and soap makers to work with DuHope and accessory designers to work with our friends at Umucyo. Designers for this trip will need to submit some design examples. To begin the application process for this trip, click the link below to apply now!

27 July – 4 August 2018

Trip cost: $1,650, plus airfare. Roughly $3,000 total trip.

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For more information about taking a trip to Rwanda, contact:


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Ultimately, Belay Global’s goal is to introduce your group to our people. We would love to develop a trip around your group’s expertise and passions to reach out to the people we are working with on a daily basis. We want your group to be an extension of what we are already doing.

Individuals or couples with a passion for international development work are also welcome. We are specifically looking for people with experience in business and or social development work. We have opportunities both state side and overseas.  

Your organization or business can help communities through Business for Mission (B4M) projects; Belay Global can help craft a plan that helps you reach your goals. Belay Global encourages businesses to use its people resources and profits to make the greatest impact in the communities we serve.

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