In mountaineering, to belay is to secure or safeguard a rope for a climber.  Belay Global works to belay for those living – and serving – in the most challenging places of the world.

In fact, Belay Global is doing something very unique. We are a non-profit organization that works with indigenous entrepreneurs, helping them to launch for-profit businesses and create employment opportunities in their often economically challenged countries. Through our efforts, individuals are empowered to meet their own needs instead of relying on traditional charity to meet their needs for them. The resulting jobs provide the much-needed resources for individuals, families and communities to provide for their needs like food, water, shelter, medical care and education. And because of the close family networks and communities we so often find in these countries, a single job created can change the lives of hundreds of people.

Belay Global’s mission is to empower entrepreneurs living in the world's most challenging places to create sustainable businesses that provide jobs in their local communities. Join us in this incredible work!