Help us hit our $15,000 goal

You can commit to give in two ways, either one-time or a monthly donation to help us meet our overall goal.

Donate Now

$15 a month – Food for all at DuHope

Many of these women depend on the lunch provided at DuHope to get only one meal for the day at DuHope. We launched our food program in November 2016, but need your help to keep it going.

$25 a month – Bunny Money at DuHope

Each women has been gifted a rabbit and a space in our hutch at the DuHope house. She has received initial rabbit care training and with your support will receive entrepreneurship training and continued support from our Agribusiness expert.

$50 a month – ABCs and 123s at DuHope

40% of our DuHope women can not read and write. We have a teacher, now we need supplies, and we need you! Women who can not read and write will never be able to find any gainful employment outside sex work or a menial labor job. Give them the chance to read the Bible with their own eyes!

$100 a month –  Picture the Dough at Duhu

We have two entrepreneurs who need your help in launching their businesses! “Madam Cakes” is a bakery business by Immculee and Didier will be launching his Photography and Videography business. Supporting their businesses gives them the supplies they need to get their businesses going and on-going coaching and support.