Financial Accountability

Mission Around the World is Complex
We started Belay Global because of the great need for strategic business as mission projects to succeed and to have long-term, transformational effects on communities. As we traveled around the world, we encountered servants who were working hard, but lacking  certain skill sets to make transformation happen. Belay Global comes alongside these servants and provides the following:

  • Improvement in project outcomes in terms of cost, schedule, quality, and scope management.
  • Guidance in the process of management and execution of projects and ministry ideas for maximum impact.
  • Definition of structure, and implementation of strategies to maximize the impact of their efforts and resources.

Funding and operations 
Belay Global is funded in two ways: through donors who have a passion to help those serving in some of the toughest places around the world, and through worldwide business ventures that are a part of our Business for Mission (B4M) Network. Belay Global will review these projects and then put them through a due diligence process that greatly increases the odds of success. Please contact us for information on how you can get involved.

Our team at Belay Global starts with a relationship and then:

  • Receives a project proposal sheet which is reviewed for approval,
  • Puts the proposal through a due diligence process,
  • Develops an action plan, and
  • Finds partners who will advise, visit and fund these types of projects. 

We work closely with local leaders, NGOs, and other service organizations to offer them strategic expertise. We are not limited to any one affiliate but partner with those who seek to eliminate suffering and help the most vulnerable.