Infusing Entrepreneurship Training with Faith

Duhugurane, meaning “Let us learn from each other” in Kinyarwanda. Duhu is an eight-week Biblically-based entrepreneurship training for young women aspiring to reach their dream of starting a business. After training, each ready entrepreneur will go into 6-12 months of coaching and mentoring as they develop their business idea.

Phase 1 Entrepreneurship Training 8 weeks After an English exam and interview, 12 young women are selected to participant in an entrepreneurship training infused with Biblical principles. Training focuses on developing their business idea through product development, organizational leadership, financial administration and community impact.
Phase 2 Business Coaching 6-12 months Belay’s Business Coach works with each ready entrepreneur after training to continue developing their business model and idea. Our coach mentors and prepares each entrepreneur to launch their business.
Phase 3 Seed Funding & Investment Ongoing Each entrepreneur will pitch their business idea to a panel who will determine if they are ready to receive a seed funding grant to prove their business idea. Once they develop their business to the point of breaking even, they qualify to apply for a micro loan to build their business capacity

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Dear Sponsors and Friends of Duhu,   To an offer like this that comes once in a lifetime, to those who are lucky like us, we would like to thank you for this great offer of giving us knowledge. We are really grateful. This really shows a great spirit of love for our country and it shows that you care about the coming generation which is we. By doing this, it encourages girls to work hard because the future is not all about marriage and having children but rather a successful life and the fulfillment of our dreams by staying focused. By you sponsoring this training, gives us determination, focus, self-confidence that we are able to do all that comes into our mind and put it in reality. Without really saying much, all I would like to say is that I am/We are grateful for this great offer because it’s not like everyone gets to have the chance. All in all Thank you so much. We are grateful. Rita Tumukunde

Duhu Student

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